The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc joins the Wooden Ship family


We are super excited to work with our old friend Kevin Henderson (Fiddler’s Bid, Boys of the Lough, Session A9) and his fellow fiddlers Olav Luksengard and Anders Hall. Their second album, “Deliverance” was released this year and led Folkworld to proclaim, “On the evidence to hand, pure fiddle doesn’t get much better than The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc.”


from C.G. Law:  “It is with the deepest bewilderment and frustration that we are compelled to announce: USCIS HAS IMPLEMENTED  A FEE INCREASE FOR  VISA PETITIONS On Friday, October 21, the US Department of Homeland Security announced that it has approved the request of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to increase the fee for US visa petitions from $325 to $460. The new fee is scheduled to be officially published in the Federal Register on Monday, October 24, 2016 and will be effective 60 days later. This means that:  Effective December 24, 2016 the filing fee for all I-129 Petitions for O and P visas  will be $460 Page decor and text dividers Any petitions received after December 24, 2016 that do not include a filing fee of $460 will be rejected!  (Merry Christmas from our friends at USCIS!)”