The Wrigley Sisters


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COMBINING mastery with mischief, and tradition with modernity, Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley, the internationally acclaimed fiddle and guitar duo from the Orkney Islands, have a magical charm over audiences.

Idiom is a sparkling blend of traditional, contemporary and original material, invigorated with jazz, blues and ragtime flavors. Like an Orkney sunrise, Idiom bursts with light, color and outrageous and dizzying energy. Idiom has woken the timeless standing stones of Orkney and made them dance again. Idiom reflects a confidence and maturity honed from years of touring and playing.Wrigley and the Reel is a 4 to 6 piece band where Jennifer and Hazel are joined by ‘The Reel’; comprising of outstanding 
musicians who are regular visitors to the sessions at The Reel in Orkney with boundless musical dexterity and vitality, Orcadian wit and good fun!

After years of touring, the Wrigley Sisters returned to Orkney and in 2004 set up ‘The Reel’: predominantly a music school but also encompassing a cafe & bar, music shop, venue and exhibition space. The school now has in excess of 600 students, allowing the lasses to ‘put something back into Orkney.’

Hailing from Orkney, the twin sisters began performing together – Jennifer on fiddle and Hazel on piano and guitar – when they were 8.  Their universal audience appeal reflects both the caliber of their music and the effervescent charm of their 

Their recorded output – from their 1991 debut Dancing Fingers recorded between the age of 13 and 16 years, its successor The Watch Stone (1994), third album Huldreland, fourth album Mither 0′ The Sea, fifth album Skyran and their sixth and most recent release Idiom – reveals their assurance and sophistication and reaffirms their international prominence.

THE SAN FRANCISCO EXPRESS – ‘The sisters’ masterful musicianship, entrancing accents, and hilarious anecdotes about their North Sea island world have brought standing ovations’……performing with an intuitive closeness that comes from being siblings and from their devotion to the Celtic folk music they grew up on’

THE CANBERRA TIMES – ‘Wrigley Sisters play from the heart about Orkney Islands homeland’….The music of the Orkneys is a mix of Scottish and Scandinavian influences, and in a few years the Wrigley sisters have built for themselves a solid reputation playing this distinctive music’

THE DENVER POST – ‘Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley put their own spin on traditional jigs and reels’