FRUK Premiers “Holton Alan Moore’s” from The Fretless’ new album, Live at the Artfarm

In an album full of traditional Irish tunes, this one is a new composition by Ben Plotnick that exemplifies this unique quartet’s approach to composition and arrangement.

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Up close and personal with Matthew Byrne, produced by the CBC

Matthew is a song interpreter, not a swinger-songbiter. Not one to write songs in the key of me, he trolls the tradition for songs that have stood the test of generations. Much of his repertoire are songs that have migrated from the old country to Newfoundland, largely learned from his grandmother around the table after dinner. In this video he shares his personal journey and his beautiful voice.

The Jeremiahs release 2 videos for “Femme Fatale of Maine”

Following up on being awarded 2017 LiveIreland Best “Album of the Year” and “Best Male Vocalist” for The Femme Fatale of Maine, released September 2017, The Jeremiahs recorded on song and one tune that show off their skill of making traditional music contemporary . We hope you enjoy them!