Low Lily and Wooden Ship working together

After years of working closely together we are finally working together! Wooden Ship is very excited to represent this great US-based Americana act who has been a favorite of ours for years.

Here is a beautiful a Capella song that is a good place to start.

And a full band number from Celtic Connections this year.


Hannah & Ben video for ‘I Met a Man”

I know you are used to me gushing about the artists we work with, but this is a first – I LOVE THIS SONG! It strikes me as timeless and beyond genre. We have all felt the pain they stroke with the lyrics and the instruments create a perfect environment for the sentiment. Hannah’s voice is one of the best and she shares her broken heart so clearly mine breaks while listening.

Happy Spring!

Calan on Mountain Stage airing this week on a station near you

Calan performed on Mountain Stage in March and the performance will be pushed out to 240 or so NPR stations around the country starting on Friday April 20th.

Here is a list, by state, of stations and air times to tune in to hear the show.


Their performance was on March 18th and due to scheduling issues they had to drive through the night to get to Charleston, WV. They are one of the hardest working bands I know and are always willing to go the distance to share their love of the music of Wales.

Next for Calan is a recording and performances with a 20 piece band. Invited to Festival Interceltique de Lorient  to celebrate the year of Wales, they decided it was a great opportunity to do something new and will be performing with a mini orchestra. They are busy in the studio this month working on the show for the festival season. Sain Records will announce the release date of the recording by the end of summer.



Photo: Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Connla, “The Next Chapter” Review in FRUK

Folk Radio UK writer Martha Buckley digs into Connla’s latest and shares juicy bits about the band.


While there are some strings on the record, seeing them live one isn’t drawn to the lack of the ubiquitous fiddle that form the basis of so much Irish music. The next chapter subtly turns the page in the evolution of a great music that has been long pigeon-holed.

The album was released this month and we expect it to have great effect on the band’s already meteoric rise.Front Cover.jpg

David Morrison reviews The Fretless, “Live from the Artfarm” on FRUK

It is always satisfying when a writer not only understands the record and can use their skills to describe it, but takes the reader further by sharing their experience with the music.  A delightful read.

The album was released earlier this month and has already garnered attention from fans new and old. Expect to hear some tunes from this album along with that of their previous albums at their shows in 2018.

fretless_af_2000x2000 (1).jpg