Fara from The Orkneys joins the family

These Orkney ladies are awesome, and we are very excited to work with them. Thanks to Jess Hayden from Susquehana Folk Music Society for informing us of Fara!Press photo 2

As folkradio.co.uk says, “one of the most exciting new bands to come from Scotland in the last few years. A mix of high-energy fiddle-driven along by expressive and imaginative piano; compelling songs with perfectly executed, intricate vocals and a level of musicianship that, while it seems surprising in a début album, is an affirmation of the collective skill these four highly accomplished musicians bring to the studio.”


Elmore magazine premiers track by Calan

PREMIERE: Welsh folk group Calan breaks (our) rules

Wales Wails!


Calan’s on a mission to prove that traditional Welch music, based on folklore and taught and performed through the generations, actually does rock.  They’ve got us convinced.” Elmore Magazine

Hannah & Ben join the family

We are very excited to work with the unique duo that is Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage.

“As was amply demonstrated by their live show, Hannah and Ben are ideally suited to play together, with Hannah’s breathtakingly beautiful voice [like a young Joni Mitchell] and Ben’s superb musicianship [on guitar and dobro].” – FATEA Magazine

See for yourself as they sing “Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key”, one of the found Woody Guthrie lyrics put to music by Billy Bragg and Wilco: