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Trad Nation Heads South for the Winter.

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TradNation ​brings the real thing to​  Disney : the living, multi -​generational tradition of Québécois music, played by some of the top performers on the traditional music scene, via a rotating set of musicians who have played together for years, sharing a culture, repertoire and enormous talent.

TradNation Project members are mainly from the Lanaudière region of Québec, widely recognized as the hub of the province’s traditional music scene. Each brings skills, energy and a repertoire of songs and tunes that have traversed decades (and in many cases centuries), in an unbroken line that brings together a rich musical history passed along from one to another  during family gatherings, jam sessions and travels.

We are very excited to be working with The Jeremiahs from Dublin.

Jeremiahs 2

Click to view The Jeremiahs performing”Passage West”

Barrule wins the Trophée Loic Raison,

at Lorient this year. The number 2 spot also went to an artist from Isle of Man, Ruth Keggin. Manx music is on the rise with Barrule leading the way.



from the historic Men At Words tour.

(From Left) Jez Lowe, James Keelaghan, Archie Fisher


We have added two terrific new bands to the    Wooden Ship Roster



From the Isle of Man..A fusion of three distinct musical forces – Mabon front-man and accordion wizard Jamie Smith, gifted young fiddle-player Tomas Callister and versatile accompanist Adam Rhodes (Mabon) on bouzouki – Barrule’s fresh approach to traditional Manx music evokes an atmosphere that reflects the diverse natural beauty of the island: from rousing marches, jigs and reels to sorrowful slow airs and beautiful songs sung in both English and the Manx Gaelic language. Stories are told of ancient Celtic Gods, of unrequited love, of the toils of island life. And always the sea is close by.

Les Poules à Colin

A young band from Québec’s Lanaudière region famous for its traditional music. The five learned their craft firsthand from the finest in the genre. On top of natural talent, energy and respect for the repertoire, they have beautifully arranged new and traditional tunes and (mainly French) songs. Their sound features gorgeous instrumentals, vocal and rhythmic prowess: a seamless blend of their Québécois roots with North American influences (bluegrass, Cajun, jazz, Appalachia) with string-bending, moody effects). The group teases out a unique approach that speaks eloquently to their own generation
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Morga is Here !




Latest Video by Cassie and Maggie: Hurricane Jane!






New video by Calan.  Coming back in Sept !







We are very excited to announce that we are now working with The Fretless. This unique quartet blends Celtic melodies with classical arrangements in stunningly beautiful ways. This amazing young group has already achieved a number of  impressive Awards, including:

2014 CFMA Ensemble of the Year
2014 WCMA Instrumental Album of the Year
2012 CFMA Ensemble of the Year
2012 CFMA Instrumental Group of the Year
2012 WCMA Instrumental Album of the Year