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Crash Taylor shows up with nothing to prove and everything that stirs the heart to share.   Husky baritone mixed with seasoned guitar playing, the music will strike a chord for any folk/rock lover. Crash Taylor will bring you to the present moment and leave you with truths you forgot to remember.

“Safe in his solitude Crash Taylor takes an optimistic look to the future, and appreciates anew the things with which he is surrounded. An end to fears – embrace life: it’s not such a bad mantra.”Americana UK

Starting on banjo, Crash quickly became an active participant in his family’s traditional music scene. Whether in family life, social occasions or holidays the focus was always centered around music. Public performances with the family band, performing at ice cream parlors and church and town gatherings, were the bedrock of the performance energy he began hurling at rock audiences with his first electric guitar.

“’Idlewild’ has a nice foot tapping pace to it as Taylor has a very Richard Thompson meets Eric Matthews smoothness to his voice.” The Fire Note

Crash’s first recording, “Crash Taylor” was a project he did for himself with no plans to release it.  Over the years he has recorded 100s of songs with great players in great studios, but was always too restless to try and market them. Covid travel restrictions put a chill in his venturesome lifestyle and he wrote a book and decided to release an album, “Retired Outlaw”. How Crash managed a creative relationship with survival while making art for art’s sake is probably best revealed in the book, “Pot Dot Com”.

“His vocals are of the Americana sort, there’s a touch of Glen Campbell about his husky, baritone vocals – ‘Wichita Lineman’ or maybe ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’; they’re vocals with strength and authority.” Essentially Pop 

“As we listen with rapt attention to the insanely cool phrasing and storytelling couched in the soulful, blues-tinged folk/rock energies of singer/songwriter Crash Taylor, it’s only natural we might want to learn more about this guy…” JW Vibe

“There’s an aura of sonic elegance to Crash Taylor’s compositions, a quality not usually associated with folk-rock. Subtle yet alluring, the songs on Retired Outlaw evoke easy-going emotional effects.”  V13