Cassie & Maggie MacDonald

Cassie & Maggie

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Cassie and Maggie MacDonald encompass everything you could ask for in a musical act, their talent is only surpassed by the joy with which they so generously share it. Exciting and innovative, they have found the perfect balance between musical integrity, and sheer entertainment. While still staying true to their Celtic roots, they have explored and tested the boundaries of traditional music, bringing a breath of fresh air to the genre with their original compositions and arrangements. Sisters, cohorts and collaborators, Cassie and Maggie have been enchanting audiences far and wide with their infectious energy, driving rhythms and lilting melodies.

Born to a family with a rich musical heritage and raised in Nova Scotia, a province steeped in musical culture and traditions, the girls have used their unique up bringing as a springboard for their own brand of Celtic Roots music. Equally at home playing tunes passed down through generations of musicians, as seamlessly weaving themes from the Moonlight Sonata into sets of sure fire reels, Cassie and Maggie are turning heads wherever they go. And the music community has taken note; 2016 Live Ireland “Female Singer of the Year”, 2015 Live Ireland Radio “NEW GROUP OF THE YEAR”. 2015 “Emerging Artist Album of the Year” winners from the Chicago Irish-American News, “WORLD SONG OF THE YEAR” nominees at the Independent Music Awards, Galaxie Radio Rising Star award winners, Canadian Folk Music Award nominees for “Young Performers of the Year”, two time East Coast Music Award nominees for Traditional Album and Trad/Roots group album and double Music Nova Scotia Award nominees for New Artist and Roots Album of the year, their accolades and awards speak of a young duo that will surely continue to do great things.

Appearing on stages across Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bermuda and the UK, the list continues to grow as people are beginning to know the names Cassie and Maggie MacDonald. Since their first festival performance at the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival in Ontario, the girls have gone on to be soloists in the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo and International Polizi Show in Hamburg, Germany, perform for the French Ambassador in Paris, France, tour across Austria, Italy and Germany, play at the independence day celebrations on Bermuda Island, the Milwaukee Irish festival, Dublin Irish Fest, Philadelphia Folk festival, the Celtic Colours International festival, the Lunenburg Folk Harbour festival, Celtic Classic festival, Stan Rogers International Songwriters festival, Festival Memoires et Racines in Jolliette, QC to name a few. This year will prove to be the busiest and most exciting yet with the release of “Sterling Road” their award winning second studio album, an extensive touring schedule including appearances at numerous festivals and concerts throughout North America.

What people are saying about Cassie & Maggie…

“Cassie and Maggie released their second album this year, Sterling Road, to international acclaim. This unbelievably gifted duo were raised in Nova Scotia, which means that quality playing and singing is in their DNA. These two young ladies have already won several awards and are booked constantly in Canada, with occasional forays into the States. Piano and fiddle are brought to the fore along with stunning vocals and perfect harmonies. They have obviously received formal training, as well as having joined in hundreds of sessions. The train is just gathering steam and leaving the station on these new stars. It is going to be a glorious journey, and it is already well-begun.” –Live Ireland Radio- Dublin, IR

“Of the numerous East Coast artists the club has featured, these two young ladies inhabit the rare air of the greats. At an age (each in their early twenties) where they only have more to achieve and develop as performers and writers, Cassie & Maggie MacDonald gave the sort of performance you’d expect from seasoned veterans of their craft.”The Calgary Herald 

“The MacDonald’s music is a beautiful blend of all these Celtic sounds, anchored by the powerful, lively fiddling of elder sister Cassie MacDonald and the beautiful guitar and piano work and clear-as-a-mountain-spring vocals of her younger sister Maggie MacDonald. This is the kind of family music that has always fueled the Maritimes, and there’s a very real closeness in this music that can only come from siblings making music together.” Music News Nashville 

“It’s fair to say that the words ‘exciting and innovative’ are often used to describe acts.  In this instance it is entirely justified because by any measure, in terms of music or album, this second release (Sterling Road) is outstanding.”  -Trad Connect 

“Cassie & Maggie both play and sing with a wonderful combination of verve and skill on a program of original and traditional songs and tunes. This is traditional music played with a modern edge” New Classics, UK

“With a sound that reflects generations of Nova Scotian fiddlers, and a youthful charm that literally pops out from their recordings, Cassie and Maggie ensure that the true folk ways of their home community reaches the broader world.” -Penguin Eggs  

“I first met the girls when we were all teaching and performing at The Celtic Roots College and Festival in Goderich, Ontario in 2011. It was Cassie and Maggie that turned my head like no other act there. There is something very special about their sound, their dedication and their spirit that drew me to want to see every moment of their performances! I was not alone; they quickly became fan favourites at that festival as I know they will be wherever they go.” –Cheryl Prashkar- President North East Regional Folk Alliance

“The dynamic duo, two sisters whose deep family musical heritage is the launching pad for the finest Nova Scotia fiddle tunes, vocals and step dancing. They are the ‘real deal’ whose talent is only exceeded by their charm and passion.” – Warren Robinson (Artistic Director Goderich Celtic Roots festival/ past VP of Folk Alliance)

“I made a major discovery; Cassie & Maggie MacDonald blew me away. They are a Celtic sister duo from Nova Scotia. Cassie plays fiddle and Maggie piano and guitar. I had passed them in a hall and loved them but couldn’t stop to listen. Then I got to the showcase and found that it was them who I was rushing to see. There were no seats left so I had to sit on the floor. Cassie & Maggie are my kinds of musician. I love the Canadian Celtic traditional music. It’s different than most anything else you could hear at NERFA and that’s a good thing. We need a diverse musical world. Being different isn’t enough though. They are also virtuosi. Their playing took me to another world.” –Gordon Nash (Wise Madness)

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