Tommy Sands, “Fair Play to You All” review on Babysue

Tommy Sands
 – Fair Play To You All (CD, Spring Record, Irish folk/pop)
Because so many Americans are hypnotized by so many phony money-driven artists in the twenty-first century, they tend to be unaware of genuine real artists making credible music all over the world. It’s sad, but true. While talentless schmucks who don’t deserve any money or fame receive tons of both, those who are truly inspired and credible tend to be obscure in the United States. Overseas Tommy Sands is a legendary singer/songwriter who has been making music for decades. His music is a far cry from commercial driven schlop pop. Sands incorporates elements from folk and pop, and then delivers his messages with distinctive style and personality. The guy has one of those voices that instantly comes across sounding very personal and real. Although we don’t know this for sure, we can’t help but think that Tommy is driven mainly by the desire to make music and express himself. This comes across loud and clear with each and every track on Fair Play To You All. With most songwriters, the weakest link in the chain are lyrics. But in this case, lyrics are exceptionally strong. Sands writes words that seem to come straight from his heart and soul. And his vocal delivery makes the words seem completely sincere and focused. Anyone wanting to discover an artist with true skill and talent would do well to investigate this man’s life and music. He’s recorded a whole slew of albums that are timeless and totally cool. Just a few of the standout tracks on this album include “Answer Not Blowing in the Wind,” “American Dreams,” “Ode to Europe,” and “Every County on the Island.”